Natural Cycles plans your pregnancy while you sleep. Speed up your journey to motherhood!

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Today, I want to share with you an extraordinary tool that is revolutionizing how women can plan and experience their pregnancy consciously and naturally. In this regard, Natural Cycles emerges as a revolutionary tool that helps track your menstrual cycle, becoming the perfect ally for women who want to get pregnant faster. And once conceived, it provides the necessary control to monitor your baby’s growth. Thanks to its measurement devices, Natural Cycles plans your pregnancy while you sleep, speeding up your path to motherhood!

What makes Natural Cycles unique?

Natural Cycles stands out among other apps for its unique and scientifically backed approach. It uses Basal Body Temperature, a proven and safe technique, to help you accurately determine your fertile and non-fertile days. Additionally, the app employs advanced algorithms and personalized data to predict fertile days accurately. Goodbye to guesswork, and welcome to conscious planning!

The user-friendly interface allows you to easily track your basal temperature every morning. It not only relies on temperature but also considers other key factors like cycle length and cervical mucus, providing a more precise and personalized prediction.

Discover your most fertile days effectively and accelerate the path to motherhood.

Studies reveal that couples using Natural Cycles achieve pregnancy in an average of 3 cycles or less.

Adaptable to irregular cycles, the algorithm is effective whether your menstrual cycle is regular or more unpredictable. It not only confirms ovulation regardless of variations but also predicts it based on your unique cycle, offering a reliable tool for conception.

Accompany your baby’s development with NC° Follow Pregnancy, a tool that allows you to closely monitor changes in your body from conception, giving you the necessary control to monitor your little one’s growth.

Why is Natural Cycles the Best Choice?

Backed by experts in reproductive health and renowned gynecologists worldwide, its solid scientific foundation and woman-centered approach have gained the trust of women and healthcare professionals alike.

The app is designed to empower women. Natural Cycles plans your pregnancy by providing you with the knowledge and data needed to understand and control your menstrual cycle. This commitment to autonomy and education about one’s own body has resonated with many users, earning the trust of women and healthcare professionals alike.

How to Start Your Journey with Natural Cycles

Before you start, I recommend checking these four important points. Although it’s straightforward, you might have plenty of questions, so I’ve prepared these tips to make the process even smoother.

Follow these four tips:

  • Dedicate 5 minutes to see if it could work for you. Natural Cycles has created a form that helps you understand how they can assist in planning your pregnancy; you can quickly access it here.
  • Check the FAQs: Here, you’ll find the necessary information to address any questions that may arise. Additionally, on this FAQ page, you can consult their help portal, where you’ll find articles about everything you need to know about Natural Cycles. You can quickly access the FAQs here.
  • Download the app and review the free demo mode: Once you’ve downloaded the app, familiarize yourself with using Natural Cycles before committing to a subscription.
  • Choose among the 3 measurement devices the one that suits you best: Each woman has different routines, so it’s important to carefully choose the device that best fits your lifestyle. You can choose from these 3, but I recommend accessing their page here and comparing because each has different features, benefits, and fees. To summarize:
    • Apple Watch: You’ll need a model with temperature sensors, such as the Apple Watch Series 8 or the Apple Watch Ultra. It measures your temperature overnight and has no additional subscription cost.
    • NC° Thermometer: You get it for FREE with the annual plan. You can measure orally in the morning, syncing it via Bluetooth with your phone.
    • Oura Ring: With an EXCLUSIVE discount for NC° users. It’s the device that allows you to measure more comfortably, without interruptions overnight, and you won’t have to recharge it as frequently.

How Natural Cycles works

1º Record your temperature: You can measure your basal temperature in the morning or at night, depending on the device you use.

2º Open the Natural Cycles (NC) App: The data from the device will be transferred to the application, and the algorithm will analyze your body’s temperature.

3º Confirm your fertility status: The app will provide accurate predictions about your fertile and non-fertile days, helping you plan or conceive consciously.

It will surely help to read more about how it works and the opinions of other users on their website

Conclusion: Natural Cycles plans your pregnancy

¿Pensando en quedarte embarazada? 🌟 La de una herramienta que está revolucionando la planificación del embarazo. Natural Cycles no solo rastrea tu ciclo menstrual, sino que también te ayuda a concebir más rápido. ¿Cómo lo logra?

Natural Cycles is more than an app; it’s your companion on this exciting journey because it plans your pregnancy and accelerates the path to motherhood. With its scientific backing, user-friendly interface, and personalized approach, it gives you the control and confidence you need.

Don’t wait any longer; join the community of women who have transformed their lives with the pregnancy planner Natural Cycles. Download the app today and start your journey towards conscious and love-filled motherhood.

We wish you all the best on your journey to motherhood! 🌸💖

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